Time For No More Bull 

My dad had a favorite saying that he used to use about people who were not on the up and up. It went “if you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them you’re your Bullsh*t”! He used to say this when we saw people being swindled or ripped off by those that love to take advantage of people for their own financial gain.  Sadly, being a police officer for over 30 years, he saw a lot of this.  This saying came back to me this month when I witnessed even more than normal instances where my clients have been ripped off and used by those that are supposed to help them.  This is particularly bad in one of the industries that we are a worldwide leader in.  What makes this even more troubling is that these same business owners who have been taken, are now  jaded and afraid to hire professionals like us that make a real difference in their lives and their business.  Beware of the BS.

At Devoted Enterprises and all of your DBA’s (Devoted Franchises, Devoted Commercial Real Estate, Devoted Hospitality, and Devoted Pawn) , we are what the industry standard should be for consultants and business development professionals.  We will never ever put you in a spot where you feel that you have been ripped off, taken advantage of, or milked out of your hard-earned money with minimal or no results.   In fact, we specialize in helping business owners make more money, be more successful, fix their operational growing pains, merge and acquire other businesses, and allow them to have better work life balance just to name a few!

If you want a  team of professionals that will tell you what you want to hear, or that doing the same old things that you have done over and over again for years will make you better or provide a different result, we are not the ones for you and we suggest you hire some of our competitors.  If you want a team of professionals that will take your money, provide little or no value to you or your business and then harass you forever to keep paying them, we are not for you.  But if you want a team of professionals that will help you with what ails you or troubles you in your business, that provides new age approaches to things like marketing and advertising your business, cost/spend analysis, growing without needing bank funding, making more money and having less turnover, business planning, and having peace of mind in your business, then we are the team for you!

For more information please call us at anytime at 727-580-5876, or contact us directly.    You may also take our online Business Health check to see how healthy and successful your business is (for pawn and jewelry owners use this link).  This is discreet, can be done from your own desk chair and comes with 30 minutes of free consultation to dissect your results after.  Whatever your business needs are, we can help you succeed and we promise to never take your money and leave you jaded!  The time for no more BS in business is now!