Devoted Enterprises Inc. is the parent company of multiple business consulting firms Started by Vernon Stading in Minneapolis, MN and residing in Tampa, FL.  The firm specializes in Merger & Acquisition assistance, Change Management, Business Growth Planning, Franchise Consulting, Celebrity Consulting, Bankruptcy Restructuring Consulting, and more. Our core belief is that business owners and leaders need a combination of Guidance, Leadership, and Development to succeed in life and in business. We also believe that those things need to meet a business, a person and a leader where they are at in life. Far too often, clients reach out to us when they are unable to afford traditional consulting services because things have gotten so bad and their livelihood and the work/life balance of them and their employees hangs in the balance. This is why Vernon Stading created our Not-For-Profit Special Benefits Corporation, Devoted Foundations.   In addition to traditional business consulting and business coaching, we provide services such as Free or discounted crisis business consulting, business plan writing, resume writing to help unemployed, free lunch and learns with our Small Business Advisory Board, and so much more! Contact us today to find out more at 727-580-5876!


  • Vernon Stading
    Owner and Founder
  • Dan R
    Senior Consultant-Pawn and Jewelry
  • Matt P
    Tax Consultant
  • Samantha
    HR & Operations Consultant
  • Larry Davis
    Marketing Consultant