Vernon Stading has a strong Christian faith and a passion for helping businesses be more successful and that is why he started Devoted Enterprises . He has a strong leadership background and has been helping business owners succeed and make more money for over 20 years.   Vernon has extensive knowledge in the restaurant, retail, pawn & jewelry, financial services and hotel industries and he worked for two international franchise companies.  He has managed and lead operations teams at every level of management including Interim CEO for two large operations.  Vernon has experience working with business owners teaching them how to make their operations more profitable and successful. In addition, he is an expert at helping business owners create processes, systems, policies and procedures that streamline their business and ultimately help them make more money and be able to weather the storms that life can bring. Vernon has a unique knack for developing and building relationships with business owners so that the trust level is high. When the trust level is high he is able to help them improve their business and take it to a new level. In addition to his franchise background, Vernon spent years working with companies doing merger and acquisition on the operations side of the business where they would buy, improve, and resell or re-brand businesses for profit and/or expansion.   Because of that training and experience he knows how to take a struggling business and turn it into a thriving success! Regardless of what your business needs are, he is an ideal candidate to help take your company to the next level.