“Our average Agent partner made an additional $33,000 just by simply being an agent with us.  The amount of income possible is life changing!” 

Vernon Stading, CEO

What Does This Mean To You?

As a agent that partners with us, you will have access to our entire team, all the services that we provide, we do all the work, and you will share in the commission on every single deal you bring in. The best part is that these services are things your clients NEED and by meeting their need, you create another revenue stream for your business that doesn’t exist currently and you will look like a rock star to your clients! So how does this work?

  1.  First, you will be certified by us as an agent because we want to ensure you align with our high standards.
  2. You will enter into a contract with us that clearly defines the services, the payouts, etc.
  3. You will get an orientation to meet the team that does the services mentioned above so you will know who to schedule with, who to follow up with etc.
  4. You will get training from us directly on how to promote, introduce or “sell” each service to your clients who already need it!

We have made this process so easy that it can be called turnkey. If you are ready to learn more about being an agent, schedule a free 15 minute no obligation meeting here!  Our top Agent made nearly $120,000 and didn’t even have to do any of the work!  How much money can you make simply for helping your clients?

To learn more about the services you can offer to your clients and get commission on or to register to be an agent, click here.