Most business owners struggle in the same areas and we have become experts at helping resolve those challenges and then at the same time addressing other underlying obstacles at the same time!  Our Average clients see increase of cash flow and profits of 20-30%!  With Devoted Enterprises  you can get the same tools, benefits and training that the billion dollar companies use!  Our consultants use their Executive leadership expertise to show you how to accelerate your business like no one else!  We take that talent and combine it with our knowledge of billionaire investors and the benefits and tax expertise that they capitalize on, to teach you how to make money like never before! If you are tired of being stagnant in your business, we can help get you to the next level!  Never before has a consulting firm been able to bring these tools to the table in a process that every business cannot afford to miss out on!

The Process

We offer a consulting process like no other.  It can be done remotely, entirely onsite, or a hybrid of both which makes every single client interaction unique and special creating the best Return on Investment possible.  You will finish our engagement with the most detailed and easy to follow and implement action plan, that if executed, is sure to grow your revenue and profits for years to come!

As a leader you will love our cost savings, added revenue stream(s), revenue and profit growth as well as the increase in morale and productivity in your staff.  Your staff will love the tools, training, advice, direction, and most of all, our custom made bonus and commission plans.  As an owner, you will love the cash back from overpayment in taxes, free money in the form of grants,  peace of mind and work life balance as well as the ability to monitor your business from afar with our metrics and key indicators so you will always know what your team is doing and how they are performing.

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