According to the IRS itself, 93% of businesses are paying too much tax because they do not take advantage of the thousands of tax breaks due to them.  Are you one of them?   The worst part is that most of the time your CPA is not even aware or trained to help you get these savings.  Now we can partner with them, write the tax strategy and you can even keep your CPA if you desire or choose ours!

What Strategies Do We Offer?

The Flex (Pension) Method- In the past, companies offered their people pensions and retirement plans and those do not exists anymore in most businesses…..unless you know us!    This is the newest wealth accelerator and most exciting tax/wealth management program that has been created since the invention of the mutual fund in your grandpa’s era! For the cost of one normal end of year bonus, you can ensure that your key staff and team members will get thousands of tax free dollars each year as a retirement payment at retirement age along with massive death benefits payouts!  This is what the billionaires use and is a combination of cash value life insurance programs and century old business banking techniques!  The best part is it adds value to your business, is tax deductible and multiplies over time with no need to ever monitor the stock market or mutual funds! .  If you are a business owner, you have to find out more here today.

Zero Risk Retirement Planning for Your Team- NOT 401K!– Lock down key staff, managers, partners and your best team members to lower your turnover, increase productivity and profits and make your business way more money.  Never ever lose them to the competition again!  Never ever again use a 401k that can AND does lose money at times when we can get banks to contribute to your retirement plan and has tax free income associated with it! Oh boy, you will love this program. Find out more here.

Tax Strategy-Personal & Business This is as old as time but sadly never executed very well.  According to the IRS the average business only takes advantage of 1 out of every 10 available strategies that would be available to their business.  Not only will our team write a tax plan that your current CPA can implement (or we can take it over) that will save you tens of thousands of dollars each year, but we will amend your tax returns and get you all the overpaid tax dollars refunded right back to its rightful place… your business.  Find out more here.

Research and Development (R&D)– This is a permanent tax credit that is renewed every year and gives you cash for your business to continue keeping it new, fresh, and state of the art.  So many businesses that qualify for it never ever knew it existed.  We got a single client over $1 million in 2023 and they will get that every year as long as they qualify!  Find out more here!

Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)- We have been doing this for our clients for over 2 and a half years.  It is a cash provision that never needs to be paid back and is a “reward” for operating a business during the Pandemic.  92% of businesses qualify and only 23% have taken advantage of these funds. To date we have helped our clients get more than $10 million in needed funds to help their business.   Find out more here!

Non-Traditional Financing In this uncertain economy and the world of wild banking issues, regulations, and closures, it is more and more necessary to have someone that can help fund your business or your improvements without SBA or other bank options.  It gives you better options and way more flexibility in your business and is the way to go for sure!  Contact us today  or to find out more, visit us here.

Able to Afford or Save Thousands on Health Insurance for you and your teams– With the process and teams that we use, our clients are seeing 30%-60% lower premiums.  This is a brand-new system and program and we need to prove it to you!  Find out more here.

Do Not pay Capital Gains Taxes If you are planning to sell your business or real estate any time soon, you need to partner with us on your exit strategy.  We work with the biggest and best brokers in the world AND we can ensure that you are able to shelter (not pay) as much as 92% of the taxes that would normally be owed to Uncle Sam.  The best part is with us you will not need to buy another property or use the 1031 exchange to save that tax and therefore it increases your income and profitability over the course of the sale.  Try that with your CPA…..  Find out more here.

In closing, you can keep your CPA, switch to us or a combination of both. The beauty of using our team is that you are covered during the unlikely event of an audit AND we will go back and get the money you overpaid for up to 3 years. Contact us today for more information on any or all of these strategies.