The Flex Method(Pension)- In the past, companies offered their people pensions and retirement plans and those do not exists anymore in most businesses…..unless you know us!    This is the newest wealth accelerator and most exciting tax/wealth management program that has been created since the invention of the mutual fund in your grandpa’s era! For the cost of one normal end of year bonus, you can ensure that your key staff and team members will get thousands of tax free dollars each year as a retirement payment at retirement age along with massive death benefits payouts! This is the best program that there is when it comes to locking down your key staff for years so they do not leave!   This is what the billionaires use and is a combination of cash value life insurance programs and century old business banking techniques!  The best part is it adds value to your business, is tax deductible and multiplies over time.  If you are a business owner, you have to find out more here today.