Jon R- Owner E-Ways Inc.

“Thank you so very much!  This is the help I have been looking for for years and I wish I would have done it sooner.  It took me 4 years! I feel the best I have in probably 5 years about business after you coming out to work with my team. I do truly appreciate the service your provided and excited to work with you”

Walt P- Owner- Jewelry and Estate Sales

“Devoted Consulting exceeded my expectations on every level.  Not only are they far more organized than I could have imagined, but they offer so many common sense and new aged ways to help your business grow and most, if not all cost no money to do so!  They are worth every penny and right from the beginning we knew they were legitimate when we asked “Should we hire you or your competitor” and their reply was “hire us both”.  You will not regret having Vernon and his team help your business grow!”

Seth P- Owner- Alpha & Omega Industries

You need to contact Matt Pearson and Vernon at Devoted Enterprises if you want to pay less taxes in your business!  He has helped me save over $600,000 in taxes  just in my business alone!   If you are looking to sell your business and do not want to be saddled with the massive tax burden that comes with it, reach out to them sooner than later!


Beth A- Owner- Capital Inc

We decided that we needed some help with process, procedure, and making sure we have the right people in the right places for our business to be as successful as possible.  In addition to that, we really wanted to get to know our numbers and KPI’s better.  So, we hired Devoted Enterprises and Vernon Stading specifically and we are very happy with the results!  He helped us narrow down the key metrics we needed to monitor as well as a structure for paying commission to our staff.  It became a place where our culture changed to a place of learning and enjoyment.  We enjoyed the success that we had with Vernon and when we have success, we want to share that with others.  Devoted was an asset for us, another tool that you can use to make your business successful!”

Troy S. – Owner, Sol Is

I own an IT and managed services company and before I met Vernon and Devoted Enterprises, I had zero work life balance.  He not only helped me set expectations with my staff but he gave me the tools and ideas needed to take my business from a “hobby” (because it wasn’t profitable as it should have been) to a thriving successful business where I can now go on vacation and away for the weekend without worrying about my business!   He is worth every penny!

Cliff F- Owner-FCP Inc

We hired Devoted Enterprises and it was a wonderful experience! They really helped us define employee roles within our company and hold them responsible for their daily tasks. It has helped shift some of my daily duties as an owner to other employees and freed me up to do more essential functions during the day and really manage. Vernon’s metrics also really helped us to identify deficiencies in our business model. We were not pushing interest payments or sales nearly enough and as a result a lot of our interest was way past the 120-day due dates required by law in RI. I think you will agree that interest is absolutely a key metric in any pawn shop. By changing a few policies in the store, we have increased our pawn finance charges by over 6% in June and 40% in July alone compared to last year. I would say their consulting had an immediate impact for us and I only reviewed one KPI category. There are many other metrics he really helped us with!

Leonard H- Owner- Himelsein Group of Companies

I have worked with tons of professionals and other consultants in the industries that we have businesses in, and honestly most under deliver.  That is why it took me almost 2 years to Bring Vernon and his team in.   There will always be those that seek to just take your money and deliver the bare minimum, but the Devoted Team is honestly totally different.  I truly mean it when I say that they exceeded my expectations at every turn, including finding me a new  key leader as part of their Consulting packages.  Whether you have had experiences with other consultants that were good, bad or ugly, or never hired one before,  I recommend that you give Vernon and his team a chance.  You will not regret it!

Zaylor S- Employment Law Attorney

I’ve been working with Vernon and his Company through the Small Business Advisory Board for just over three years. He is, and always has been, dedicated towards assisting small businesses by bringing experts and specialists to the table to assist them. One person can’t be “all seeing and all knowing” but we can have a network of trusted advisers to assist companies experiencing difficulties or looking to grow. I’m a proud member of the group and have seen many success stories over the years. Thanks for your leadership Vernon!

Bryan L- Owner Jacksonville, FL

“We already had a successful large chain of stores that was doing great. But what Vernon and Dan from Devoted Enterprises did for us was a real game changer.  Hands on training and suggestions for capitalizing on the missed opportunities in our store was absolutely amazing. Likewise, the marketing suggestions they gave us cost almost nothing and are making a major impact. We are seeing large increases in the pawn balance, service charges paid, and retail sales. We highly recommend Devoted Enterprises for your business regardless of what your needs are!”

Joe A. Owner of Accar Jewelry

Vernon and Devoted Enterprises are an absolute machine!  I have never seen someone work as hard for my business as they do.  I have not had the best luck in the past with “coaches” or “consultants” because the value wasn’t there.  They are worth every penny!  If you want to learn work life balance, you need to hire them and get them to teach you what processes and systems you need in your business to make you more successful and profitable.

Troy B. Owner, DTL Global

Vernon and his team are the most dedicated and honest professionals that we have ever worked with. They value the amount of money we pay them for their services and they actually strive to save you money as a client.  We had them write our business plan for funding as well as many other things. They were absolutely essential in helping us get our process, systems, training and even our pricing perfect.  We now stand out over our competition.  You are in good hands with Devoted Enterprises!

Merri S. -VP Commercial Lending

“I was working on a loan for a client of ours and he had just completed a business plan with Devoted Enterprises.  I have been in commercial banking for more than 25 years and I can honestly say that I have never seen a business plan like they created for him.  It covered so much more that just the information that I need to grant them an SBA loan.   It was so good that I plan to send every client that I get who has not completed a business plan to Vernon and his team.  If more business owners completed these I have to think that the default rate of 30% on SBA loans would drop dramatically. “

Len S, CEO Data Age

As part of our passion for our clients, Data Age created a Development Program as a tool to help our customers succeed.  We have even offered consulting services as part of this program.  Because our clients have flourished working with the Devoted Enterprise Consulting team, we are excited to endorse them as our one and only preferred independent consulting firm for the pawn industry!  As a former business owner myself, one of the mistakes I made was not using a third party to help me.  It could have contributed much more revenue and efficiency to my business.  Don’t be afraid to get another opinion on the health of your business even If you are successful.  You will not regret it!

J. Larson, Owner Clean Air Restoration

The team at Devoted Enterprises are very knowledgeable. I had a great experience with him as he guided me through a growth strategy.  I highly recommend them for any of your business consulting needs!

Charles W, Owner and CEO Cherp LLC

You have helped me retain my long-term vision while optimizing the company’s short-term accessibility.  This has resulted in immediate, marginal profit and secured long-term, unlimited profit.  Before working with you, my company was taking on debt with no sustainable solution in site any sooner than 2 years out.  Now, my company is profitable with a very bright future.  Thank you very much, your services are worth every penny.

Mike W., Restaurant Operations Director

Vernon has an amazing knack for being able to motivate and show franchise owners that he cares as much about their success as they do.  His ability to inspire and motivate such a diverse group of people into taking positive and immediate action is beyond compare!    He has made my life much easier and more profitable!

Shannon K., Owner & President of Bright Star Care

Vernon wears many hats and can provide assistance in a variety of ways. He has truly helped me to see the value of working on the business while working in the business. I have had a very challenging couple of years, as I am sure many owners can appreciate and Vern has helped with everything from coaching to planning and even counseling… Somehow he makes it feel safe to share all those challenges that we face daily without judging me and supporting to help overcome. I would recommend Vern in second!

Gloria R., Owner of Russell Resources

I have been impressed with Vernon’s leadership, vision and clarity of purpose. His experience with a large variety of businesses has provided him with the insight and expertise to help guide small business owners to greater success in a shorter time frame…something we all can appreciate. He demonstrates practical methods to overcome challenges and to position the business for greater profitability and goal achievement. Vernon also offers valuable workshops that provide information and strategies that can be applied immediately for results in specific areas of concern or growth. It’s definitely worthwhile to have a conversation with Vernon to see where improvements might be made!

Daron V., President of Chamber of Commerce

I watched Vernon work with an organization that operated several different entities with distinctly different business models. He was instrumental in helping the leaders of each company figure out how to better collaborate for the common good.  Someone that can come in from the outside of an organization like that is a tremendous asset to any business owner.

Rich F. – Franchise Owner of Learning RX

My business has been open for over 5 years and, thankfully, has been successful!  However, I needed to look forward and ensure I am running the business as effectively as possible. I’ve been working with Vernon on creating and updating my business plan and finding opportunities for greater profitability.  Even though I’ve been in the business world for over 25 years, Vernon has brought a fresh perspective and insights into my business that have been extremely helpful.  I highly recommend Devoted Business Development!


Whatever your business is, we are certain that we can help you become more successful and make more money! We are dedicated to your success!

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