Do you love it when your CPA pulls you aside and tells you “I have discovered a way to save you from paying 30 or 40% of the taxes you paid last year?”  Probably never would happened might be your answer. More than likely you hear something like “It is good that you have to pay more taxes, that means your business is making more money”.  So not true……   We can help!

 Tax Strategy Planning

Tax Strategy planning is as old as time but sadly never executed very well.  According to the IRS the average business only takes advantage of 1 out of every 10 available strategies that would be available to their business.  We believe that this is true because we know for a fact that the average CPA gets little or no training on strategies that will save taxes unless they take it upon themselves to do it.

A great tax strategy needs to handle what your current situation is, help you take advantage of ALL qualified legal tax breaks, plan for future growth and economical changes and lastly needs to help you build wealth.  When has your tax man ever taught you how to build wealth.  Not only will our team do all of this, they will write a tax plan that your current CPA can implement (or we can take it over for good) that will save you tens of thousands of dollars each year or more, but we will amend your tax returns and get you all the overpaid tax dollars refunded right back to its rightful place… your business.  Contact us today for your complimentary introduction call or call us directly at 727-580-5876.