Business Marketing Specialist

Larry Davis knows marketing!  He takes care of our clients by making sure that they have the best marketing and advertising plans in place including web and SEO!  In fact his company Fox Tracks has emerged as a full-service cross media marketing company. Since their inception in 1993 as a franchised quick printer, he has continued to evolve into becoming a leader in the marketing community. He was one of the first companies to introduce interactive cross media marketing services, such as personalized targeted marketing, Every Door Direct Mail campaigns, data mining, custom websites, mobile websites, QR codes, personalized URLs, email marketing, creative design and copywriting content for our clients. The combination of these tools have achieved some remarkable results.  At Devoted Pawn Consulting, Larry includes a custom marketing and advertising plan including a full social media, website, key word, SEO and more.  Your marketing and advertising will never be the same!

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