Devoted Enterprises and its DBA companies are often retained to assist in restructuring the corporate and financial make-up and balance sheet of a company due to impending Chapter 11 Bankruptcy or other financial hardships.   This process may include raising additional capital through third parties or securing workouts with lenders and creditors. The goal of restructuring is to develop a process for the company both operationally and financially that is supported by its assets and not hindered by them.  We also work to ensure that the financial and operational structure is based on the future goals of management and other stakeholders.

We approach every restructuring opportunity by applying our Trademarked Business Health Check™ and our sophisticated financial analysis. We also execute a specific process that will reduce risks for creditors and support the success of restructuring plans.  Our goals are to restore owner’s and management’s credibility, develop attainable targets and deliver measurable results to both the creditors, the business and the appointed trustee.

Typical steps used or created while advising clients:

  • Analyzing the borrower’s business plan
  • Reviewing historical financial data and operational organization structure
  • Analyzing cash flow projections
  • Developing required financial reporting tools
  • Develop Key Performance Indictors to help identify trends and metrics
  • Monitoring KPI’s and results daily, weekly and monthly
  • Comparing results to prior performance
  • Set and compare results to projections
  • Investigate and assess the value of critical collateral and other assets
  • Preparing detailed financial analysis reports
  • Preparing proposed restructuring plans
  • Negotiating and executing restructured agreements with lenders
  • Raising additional capital if possible, through our network of lenders and investors.

We have relationships with all types of professionals that you will need in the process including CPA’s, CFO, investors, lenders, attorneys, and more.  You can rest assured that by hiring us, you are in good hands.

To find out more about what we do or how this process works in more detail, please contact us today or call us at 727-580-5876.