How Much More Should You Be Making?

Our experience shows us that every business in the world is leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table in each one of their locations every single year.  We know this to be true because we see it every single day and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way!   This is why we created the Business Health Check™.

What is the Business Health Check™?

The Business Health Check™ is an onsite review of  YOUR ENTIRE business operations and is designed to find areas for business growth, cost savings, more productivity, and better profitability in your operation.  We come on site for a more thorough review of your business because it is essential for us to see who the entire business works and operates from the inside out. We have never done a Business Health Check™ and failed to find immediate return on investment and long term cost savings as well as more profits! In fact, almost 100% of the time, we find ways and initiatives to make the business more money without spending any more at all!  Can your marketing plan say that?

What Results Will I Get?

The results in the average Business Health Check review that we do varies greatly but we guarantee that they will always far exceed the small amount of money that is paid for the assessment.  In fact, most of our clients see 10-20 times that amount.  So, what do we normally find?

Found money– In nearly 100% of the Business Health Check™ reviews that we have done with out clients, we have found that are many instances of money that is being spent unwisely and or on things that are not providing a return on investment.  The most money that we have ever discovered in overspending is just under $1 Million in a business that was spending nearly twice that amount on marketing that was being wasted.  Spending a few thousand dollars on us made this finding well worth it.  We will help you put that money back in your business!

New Revenue Streams– We cannot count how many times when we sat down to understand someone’s business model and found or discover an untapped revenue streams or new business services that can be added for little or no money.  In one of these cases, we found a way for an already successful business to add a simple service that doubled their sales annually.  What could your business be missing?

Lack of Productivity– There are many studies out there that show that the average employee in America is only productive about 50% of the time while at work. This has definitely been our experience as well while working with clients.  We will help you identify why there is a lack of productivity is coming from and help you make more money when the productivity increases.   Most of the time, this is also a good place for us to introduce a new custom commission or bonus structure that helps your staff be even more productive and take ownership in growing your business for you!

Work/Life Balance– One of the biggest issues that we see in businesses today is that owners and leaders do not have work and personal life balance.  This is easy to fix in most cases with a simple plan for personnel development program and a more efficient business organizational flow and design.  We will help you with this during the Business Health Check™

Now is the perfect time for you to begin the new chapter in your business ventures and set yourself up for what could be the best year ever in 2019!  Visit our website for more information or call us today and find our just how affordable this can be for you at 952-582-4669.