Hospitality Consulting Service

Do you want to:

  • Make more money without spending tons of cash to do it?

  • Confirm that your labor, food, beverage costs etc. are at an appropriate percentage?

  • Improve your occupancy percentage?

  • Have processes in place so that your staff all give the same great consistent customer service?

  • Find, hire and train staff efficiently and properly?

  • Offer creative benefits and incentives to employees to keep them motivated?

  • Run a business that is well maintained, clean, and efficient?

  • Learn best practices for dealing with the customer that never seems to be happy?

  • Have work/life balance as an owner?

The hospitality industry is one that can’t be fully understood and empathized with unless you have worked in it yourself. That’s why the team at Devoted Enterprises is ideal for consulting in this industry!  In fact, our founder Vernon Stading began his career in the Restaurant and Hotel Industries.  Our exceptional expertise in this business offers perspective like no other.  We are experts at helping you find ways to grow your business, make more money, control your costs, attract more customers and more!  Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Vernon has an amazing knack for being able to motivate and show franchise owners that he cares as much about their success as they do.  His ability to inspire and motivate such a diverse group of people into taking positive and immediate action is beyond compare!    He has made my life much easier and more profitable!


Whatever your business is, we are certain that we can help you become more successful and make more money! We are as dedicated to your success as you are!