At Devoted Enterprises we are always interested in helping make our clients more money.  Becasue of that, included in every single one of our service packages is an analysis of your taxes and 100% of the time we have found that your business, regardless of how great and amazing your CPA is, paid way too much taxes.  How can that be?  The reason is that according to the IRS, business owners take advantage  of less than 10% of the tax breaks that are available to them.  Our Professional, Matt Pearson, has been able to save the average business tens of thousands of dollars in tax and has even been known to shelter businesses during the sales process and help them protect 90% of their profit (or more) from the IRS that seeks to punish you for making a profit.  The best part is that Matt does this legally, ethically and morally and you do not ever have to worry about the IRS winning a tax audit against you later. Matt will work with your current CPA and help them add the additional tax breaks to your next tax filing and your savings will be immediate!  Contact us today for more details or call us at 727-580-5876 for our free no obligation meeting with Matt to discuss this in more detail.  You will not be disappointed.