What is The Onsite Business Health Check ?

You have more than likely heard all about our onsite visit called the Business Health Check   But you still may be wondering what it is all about and what we actually do when we are onsite with you and your team, and what does it cost.  Before we break that down, we want you to know that this will without a doubt be one the of the biggest return on investments that you will ever experience.  We guarantee this and stand behind our services.  Don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials and speak to those that you know who have used our services. Now, to answer the question of what we do do before, during and after our onsite visit:

Pre-Onsite Visit

Before we ever venture onsite, we will give out an overview of exactly what we will do once we arrive in town.  We will also give you, in advance, our key metric tracking forms for both the store level and the employee level if possible (no financials need to ever be given to us).  These forms will be used to give you two things. The first is a starting point pre-consulting (so you can see where you are and measure it versus your success after our visit and we train you), and two, a way to show you dollar for dollar how much your business is leaving on the table.  Next, we will then send you a questionnaire that tells us the history of your business by location and what your team looks like and what their strengths and weaknesses are.  We will also see where you think your room for improvement lies and compare that to what the numbers show us.  Once again, you will never need to send us your financials unless you want us to review them (which is included for free).  From there, we will have one last meeting to plan and orchestrate the onsite visit before we arrive based on our pre-visit findings.

Onsite Visit

We begin our onsite visit and spend 1-2 days per company location that you own and operate.  During the visit, we pay specific close attention to how your stores or business operate and the processes, systems and policies that they have as well as how they interact with the customers.  We will see how they work with the clients, how much missed opportunities in lost deals are happening, how they deal with customer conflict, how they price and value items, and how they sell to the customer.  All this, and so much more that cannot be done unless we are onsite like marketing and advertising, and your current commission plan etc.  From there we will review with you each day our findings and key learnings.  After all stores/key people have been visited with, we will sit down with you and review what we feel are the priority action items and get you to agree to any onsite training that needs to be done as well as the priority sequence of changes that need to be made.

Team Training Onsite

If needed, we will train your team on sales, pricing, customer interaction and more.   This can be done to your entire team, just your leaders, just your managers, or any combination of these.  We recommend the more the merrier because no one has ever seen this excellent training unless they are our clients and the more exposure that your team can get, the better they will execute it after we leave.  Lastly, we will give you the tools that you need to ensure that you team is doing this long after we are gone and allow you to hold them accountable!

Post-Visit & Follow-up

After the training is done with the staff, we will sit down with the owners and leaders and help you create an action plan of immediate task items that need to be began right away before we leave.   You will also receive a Devoted thumb drive that includes every single training tool that we have ever created, used, or adapted from our combined 75+ years of experience in the industry.  This includes things like marketing ideas and plans, metric tracking, review forms, training tools, and so much more….

Once we return home, we will have yet another meeting with ownership and leadership to review your detailed all-inclusive summary.  As soon as we leave, our team of consultants will prepare a thorough review of all that we saw and all that we suggest to be changed and addressed.  This report is anywhere from 12 pages (the shortest one ever done) to 32 pages long (the one with the most opportunity) and will cover the following items:

You will leave us with a full in house and outside marketing and advertising plan, a review of your taxes to show you where you are paying too much taxes personally and in business, and a thorough review of your website and more!   We guarantee that not only are we the best value around, with the best return on investment, the best hands on training and the most tangible leave behind tools in the industry, but that we aim to make you self sufficient so that you never need to hire us or anyone else again!

What Does All This Cost?

The question that we are always asked is “what will this cost me”?.  After we tell people, they always say “that is way more affordable that I thought”.  Because we have no fears about the consulting services that we offer and the incredible value that we provide, we will share our prices online for the first time ever!

Our Business Health Check

This is our introductory package and is our most affordable and starts with the following prices:

**Our Onsite Packages Give The Best ROI in the Industry!**

 Less than $1 Million in annual revenue = $3,000 plus travel (airfare, hotel and car)*

$1-$3 Million in Revenue = $5,000 plus travel (airfare, hotel and car)*

$3-$7 Million in Revenue =$7,500 plus travel (airfare, hotel and car)*

More than $7 Million revenue = A custom price plan built to suit

We guarantee that this is one of the best Return on Investments that you ever see!


**Our Mobile Consulting Packages Give The Best Value in the Industry!**

You may also choose our World Class Mobile Consulting if you wish to not pay travel!

 Less than $1 Million in annual revenue = $2,500 

$1-$3 Million in Revenue = $3,500

$3-$7 Million in Revenue =$5,000 

More than $7 Million revenue = A custom price plan built to suit

We guarantee that this is one of the best Return on Investments that you may ever see!

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