Every day we see outdated business Commission and Bonus programs that pay the employee whether they make the owner money or not.  In fact, we see that 90+% of the time, the owners do not truly know who does and does not make money for their business.  We think this is a recipe for failure. Any good commission structure must meet the needs of the team as well as the ownership.  It is meant to drive the behavior needed to make each transaction as profitable as possible while rewarding the team for doing the processes and procedures needed to actually achieve this result.  Then it must be beneficial enough to the staff to motivate them to own it on their own with minimal supervision and oversight.  And lastly it must only be paid if/when the profitability margins or criteria is met. One of the number one killers in growing businesses is paid bonus with little or no thought or investigation into the profitability of the business before or after the bonus is paid out.

We want you to focus on the behavior that is needed to win every transaction and then reward when the behavior is done correctly.  The best part is that we give you our custom Commission structure with every single consulting package or sell it to you by itself!  Please contact us directly for more information and begin your new commission structure today or schedule a free consultation today here.


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