There are Now 2 ways to pay for our Business Consulting services!

Essential Business Consulting-Monthly 

Every Business owner needs advice or support in their operation and most of the time that need is daily or weekly!  Sadly most of the time business owners get that advice from other owners who struggle with the exact same things.  Those needs could include bouncing new ideas off someone with more experience, needing solid professional advice on specific things like money or staff, questions on growth of the business, or just not knowing what direction to go.  For the first time ever, business owners can now get the expertise of business consulting professionals that other clients  pay thousands of dollars for, for pennies on the dollar!  What does that look like?  Check out our newest service offerings starting as low as $99 a month!

Pay Over Time

Now you can choose to pay for our services over a period of 2-3 months time to maximize your Return on investment and take advantage of our world famous Business Accelerator™ Program !   The reality is that the average business today is leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table per location per year and we can prove it. At Devoted Enterprises we believe that this does not have to happen. In Fact, we can show you how to get this money to your bottom line much sooner than you think!  Our clients see on average, increases of 20% or more in cost savings, 20-30% growth top line revenue or sales and 20%-30% cash flow and online sales with our hands-on systems, processes as well as our new age marketing plans.  The time is now, and you can set the tone for an amazing rest of 2024!  Whatever your needs are, we can help!

Included in every single package

   Free cost savings review ✅

Free website and SEO review ✅

Key metric creation and tracking✅

Guaranteed return on investment ✅

Custom Employee Handbook Template  ✅

Custom commission & bonus plan creation ✅

Included custom marketing & advertising plan ✅

Free written plan to work from long after we leave ✅

Hands on sales Training to grow retail sales and gross profit ✅

Free tax consultation to show you where you are overpaying on taxes ✅

Complimentary month of consulting support after the initial onsite visit* ✅

Custom business & people growth plan take your business to the next level✅

All the tools & training materials ever created for pawn over the last decade ✅

And so much more…..

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