If you are a business that operates by serving other businesses (B2B), we can help you add 3-5 revenue streams to your business overnight!

We have been so excited to launch our Agent Partnership program and we have been overwhelmed with calls and emails about it so we decided to make a 3.5 minute video that talks about why we created this program, how it benefits your clients, and how you can add revenue streams to your business by being an agent!  Check out the video and then take a look at the services that you can offer your clients after!

 Here are some of the services that we offer and how you and your clients can benefit directly in your businesses:

Business Consulting Services If you are not a coach or consultant yourself, you can benefit in a massive way by referring clients to us.  We pay back  20% of the fees we collect from our clients to you!

The Flex (Pension) Method- This is a pension plan that is affordable to literally any sized business that rivals or beats the plans of the largest companies in America. We pay out a portion of the initial pay into the pension plan for each deal that is done.

Tax Strategy-Personal & Business This is as old as time but sadly never executed very well. We can get cash back directly to the business when we prove that 98% of businesses paid too much taxes in their business and are entitled to a refund.  The average refund that our clients see is around $60,000 per year and we can go back 3 years in most cases.  We charge a fee that is a % of the IRS refund and then pay out a portion of the fee to you for the referral so you can imagine just how much money you and they can make!

Research and Development (R&D)– This is a permanent tax credit that is renewed every year and gives you cash for your business to continue keeping it new, fresh, and state of the art.  This is paid out to the client each year and paid out to you similar to the tax plans.

Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)- We have been doing this for our clients for over 2 and a half years and even though it is winding down, it is still a massive cash options for the clients.  It is a cash provision that never needs to be paid back and is a “reward” for operating during covid.  Our average clients get well over $150,000 and we charge the clients 10%-20% of the reward.  You then are paid out as a percentage of that fee amount.

Do Not pay Capital Gains Taxes If your clients are planning to sell their business or real estate any time soon, you need to partner with us on their exit strategy. We can save your clients from paying up to 93% of the capital gains tax through various plans and strategies.  the client pays a fee that is a percentage of the money saved and again you are paid out in a percentage of that amount.

Non-Traditional Financing In this uncertain world, businesses need more options that just bank financing.  We can give them options and get them the funding they need and you capitalize on a percentage of the interest paid by the client plus a finders fee.

Our Best agent in 2023 made almost $120,000 in incremental income for doing nothing other than referring his clients to services they need and want!  How much can you make!

We would love to speak to you directly on this and you can schedule a quick 15 minute meeting here.  We look forward to chatting with you!

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