Are You Baffled by BS

Time For No More Bull  My dad had a favorite saying that he used to use about people who were not on the up and up. It went “if you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them you’re your Bullsh*t”! He used to say this when we saw people being swindled or ripped [...]

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Need an Investor Pitch Deck?

Need to Find an Investor or Lender? Needing to find an investor or lender is one of the most common things that we run into with any business owner or prospective entrepreneur.  As we have found over the course of many years in this business however, most people know little or nothing about how to [...]

Need an Investor Pitch Deck?2018-08-04T18:42:37+00:00

Is Real Estate a Safe Investment

Many of the business clients we work with invest their wealth into properties and real estate.  Commercial Real Estate has always been said to be a “safe bet” as an investment for your wealth.  But as anyone who owns commercial real estate can tell you, it can come with it’s share of headaches. So What [...]

Is Real Estate a Safe Investment2018-07-01T19:23:30+00:00
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