Custom Business Consulting Tampa

We want to see your business prosper and grow no matter what your budget it!   Please let us design a custom Business Consulting or Business Coaching program just for your business that wont break the bank, but instead will fill it!  This is not some cookie cutter program that we shove at everyone, but [...]

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Business Consulting Guarantee

At Devoted Enterprises we pride ourselves on making sure that our clients see way more value from our services than even they expected at the time of hiring.  That is why when you retain us to help you with our Business Accelerator Program™ or any of our other stand alone services, we guarantee that it [...]

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Pension Bonus Commission

Turnover and lack of employee productivity are becoming a major battle every day for business owners and leaders.  This is going to only get worse as the economy struggles to bounce back and owners fight for those people who want to work and be compensated and treated the best by their bosses.  If you want [...]

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Better Employee Retention

Would you like to keep your best staff for years and have tools to attract better talent?  We can help with our newest service in 2024! The Flex Method(Pension for You and Your Team)- In the past, companies offered their people pensions and retirement plans and those do not exists anymore in most businesses.....unless you know [...]

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Say No Capital Gains Taxes

Capital gains taxes apply to the sale of capital assets for profit (especially businesses and real estate) and can gobble up a massive amount of your asset once you sell it.  When you work your whole life to build the business and then have to pay as much as 30% or more of your [...]

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Tax Strategy consulting

This is as old as time but sadly never executed very well.  According to the IRS the average business only takes advantage of 1 out of every 10 available strategies that would be available to their business.  Not only will our team write a tax plan that your current CPA can implement (or we [...]

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The Flex Method

As part of our new for 2024 services, we want to write a bit of detail about each and every service or product we are now offering that we have not in the past.  The first one that we would like to highlight is the one we are the most excited about and that [...]

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New For 2024

According to the IRS itself, 93% of businesses are paying too much tax and are one or two bad months away from disaster.  What if we could stop or limit the amount of taxes paid each year AND build your business and wealth!? Check out our brand new service offerings for 2024! What New Strategies Do We [...]

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