Recruiting & HR Done Different

For years I watched my clients struggle to not only try to keep the talent that they had but also find new and better talent.  They would invest time and money in people just to train them to leave for a tiny bit more money somewhere else.  This has only gotten worse since the P@ndemic [...]

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Better Employee Retention

Would you like to keep your best staff for years and have tools to attract better talent?  We can help with our newest service in 2024! The Flex Method(Pension for You and Your Team)- In the past, companies offered their people pensions and retirement plans and those do not exists anymore in most businesses.....unless you know [...]

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Tampa Human Resources Consultant

In 2020, we had more requests for an HR consultant than in every prior year of business combined and that is why we are excited to launch our newest service; Human resources Consulting for Devoted Enterprises!  In the world of business today, it is essential that you have yourself, and your business covered with [...]

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