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Business Plan Templates

Business Plan– Whether you need  business plan for a loan, lease, or just want to run the best business that you possible can and plan for the future, we have you covered!  With this template, you will not only get a template that you can use and do yourself, but you will get step [...]

Business Plan Templates2024-04-12T16:31:31+00:00

Essential Business Consulting

Every Business owner needs advice or support in their operation and most of the time that need is daily or weekly!  Sadly most of the time business owners get that advice from other owners who struggle with the exact same things.  Those needs could include bouncing new ideas off someone with more experience, needing solid [...]

Essential Business Consulting2023-03-23T23:41:50+00:00

Business Ownership is a Struggle!

Customers not returning, the industry changing daily, prices of everything increasing rapidly, staff impossible to find or keep, product hard or impossible to get, and things seem to never want to get back to “normal”.  These are just some of the things owners like you are facing and that we help our clients with.  [...]

Business Ownership is a Struggle!2023-07-14T20:45:15+00:00

Tampa Human Resources Consultant

In 2020, we had more requests for an HR consultant than in every prior year of business combined and that is why we are excited to launch our newest service; Human resources Consulting for Devoted Enterprises!  In the world of business today, it is essential that you have yourself, and your business covered with [...]

Tampa Human Resources Consultant2023-01-16T20:20:23+00:00

Pay Later Business Consulting Services

To say that 2020- 2023 have changed businesses forever would be an understatement! As Business owners you had to change and adapt to survive and we made those changes with you. We will always continue to support entrepreneurs and meet them where they are at with their needs to improve and thrive. That's why [...]

Pay Later Business Consulting Services2023-10-13T14:03:04+00:00

New Profits Instead of Resolutions?

…….That Is Up To You! How you spend the money you make this holiday season will dictate your future success.  The average business today is leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table per location and we at Devoted Enterprises we believe that this does not have to happen. In Fact, we can show you how to get [...]

New Profits Instead of Resolutions?2020-12-18T18:01:18+00:00

Waiting is Making You Lose

While you are waiting for whatever reason, your competition is re-inventing ways to take your customers and clients.  You can continue to wait, or you can take actions and find out what our clients know already and have experienced.  They didn’t struggle with the changes that needed to be made because they had a [...]

Waiting is Making You Lose2023-07-14T20:57:57+00:00
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