Plans for 2024

At Devoted Enterprises we pride ourselves on the ability to help businesses be more successful and we cannot wait to tell you about the services and offerings that we will be adding in 2024!  Stay tuned for future updates! Until then, there has never been a better time to find out just how much we can help [...]

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Essential Business Consulting

Every Business owner needs advice or support in their operation and most of the time that need is daily or weekly!  Sadly most of the time business owners get that advice from other owners who struggle with the exact same things.  Those needs could include bouncing new ideas off someone with more experience, needing solid [...]

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Devoted Business Is Now In Tampa FL

Founded in 2009 and rebranded in 2017, Devoted Enterprises Inc. is an organization of consulting firms founded by Vernon Stading in MN and then relocated Tampa, FL in 2020.  Devoted Enterprises works with all companies whether large, small or not-for-profits and we have a passion for helping businesses identify areas in their operation where they [...]

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Best Minneapolis Business Consultant

When meeting with business owners and decision makers for the first time I get met with one of two initial reactions.  The first one is “I don’t need a business consultant or business coach, because we are doing fine”.  The second one is “I have hired one (or many) other consultants in the past so [...]

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