The hospitality industry is one that can’t be fully understood and empathized with unless you have worked in it yourself.  It has the highest turnover rates, lowest profit margin , and hardest business to run in most cases.  That’s why the team at Devoted Enterprises is ideal for consulting in this industry!  In fact, our founder Vernon Stading began his career in the Restaurant and Hotel Industries.  Our exceptional expertise in this business offers perspective like no other.  We are experts at helping you find ways to grow your business, make more money, control your costs, attract more customers and more!  Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Hotels and Resorts

Everyone in the hotel or resort business knows that the name of the game is maximum occupancy.  the million dollar question is how do you achieve it.  As hospitality industry consultants, we will teach you that and more! At the same time, services such as dining, house keeping, guest services and amenities play a huge role as well.  If you want to improve your hotel/resort we have you covered! Not only will we help you grow your business, but we are experts at helping you with turnover issues, employee morale and retention strategies. And because we know that most hotels are franchise business models, we have you covered there as well. We are Experts at Franchise Consulting especially in the hospitality industry!  Contact us to find out more about how we can help your hotel and resort today!

Restaurants, Fine Dining, Bar & Grills, etc

As we mentioned above, restaurants can be the most difficult businesses to run.  We know this from first hand experience as many of our staff, including the owner Vernon Stading started their careers in this business.  We are experts at helping restaurant owners make more money and be more successful.  We have founded and trademarked a process that allows us to greatly improve your food cost, beverage cost, supply cost and more, thus adding tons more cash to the bottom line.  We also can help with employee retention, growing your sales, adding better menu items, marketing your business and more.  We guarantee that no matter what challenges you are facing in the restaurant industry, we can help because we have helped thousands of business owners just like you!  We have detailed, long term experience in everything from fast food, franchise, full service, bar and grill and fine dining and everything in between.   Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Retail Industry

Whether you sell luxury jewelry, hard goods, electronics, firearms or other, we are confident that we can help you grow your business to new levels and help you work through the challenges that your industry faces.  More and more people are going online now days and we can help get your online business booming as well as provide sales staff training that will be sure to grow your sales!  In this industry you must have more than one process to reward your customers, offer your products, how to sell your products, and you also must have a good commission and sales bonus in place.  We can help with these steps and more.  We have experience in Jewelry, second hand goods, rent to own, electronics, tools, high end goods, and more.  We guarantee you that we can help take your retail business to the next level!  Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

As a client of ours, you can expect to receive the following services at no extra charge.  They are included in each and every service package!

Free cost savings review ✅

Free website and SEO review  ✅

Key metric creation and tracking✅

Guaranteed return on investment ✅

Custom commission & bonus plan creation ✅

Can be done via mobile** or onsite consulting ✅

Included custom marketing & advertising plan ✅

Free written plan to work from long after we leave ✅

Work/Life Balance training for owners and managers✅

Hands on sales training to grow retail sales and gross profit ✅

Complimentary 60-day follow-up to monitor & assist in your success ✅

Free tax consultation to show you where you are overpaying on taxes ✅

Complimentary month of consulting support after the initial onsite visit* ✅

Custom business & people growth plan take your business to the next level✅

And so much more…..