The best part about what we do at Devoted Enterprises is that we help people succeed.  The worst part is getting that phone call that says, “I am done and need to close my businesses”, or “I do not know how we are going to make payroll next week”.  Sadly, we get calls like this every single week.  And what is worse, they usually come from someone that we have been in contact with for years and they didn’t feel comfortable telling us their increasingly worsening situation or to ask for help.  We are here to tell you that YOU DO NOT NEED TO STRUGGLE ALONE IN YOUR BUSINESS.  We will do whatever you need to make you feel comfortable in our consulting including mutual nondisclosures and more.  Every single month we work with clients that make us sign contracts that forbid us from disclosing that we are even working with them because of fear of our competition or their peers finding out.  We always go above and beyond to ensure the discretion of our clients.  We will do the same for you!

We desire to have you succeed so badly that we include all of this and more:

  • One month free Consulting and follow up with each and every paid package.
  • Free custom marketing and advertising plan for your company including digital, online, seo, social media and more- Included in every service package. You do not need to pay additionally for this which will save you thousands of dollars!
  • Free competitor analysis – we will review your competition and give you the plan of attack than can help you take business from them almost immediately.
  • Free custom commission and bonus plan creation- Included in every service package that will fit your business just right and is sure to help your team grow your business.
  • Free cost saving review on all your services, spending and more- Included in every service package.  This is usually tens of thousands of dollars saved every year and more than pays for our services every single time
  • Free review of your taxes to show you where you are overpaying for your taxes every year and can put that money in your pocket or back in the business. This usually equates to tens of thousands of dollars saved every year, per location.
  • And all of it is done using our Business Health Check™ Process that is guaranteed to help you excel!

Lastly, we guarantee your satisfaction and the return on investment of our services to your satisfaction even if you have retained the services or other consultants or coaches.  In fact, almost 100% of our clients over the years have hired other consultants before us and still see double digit increases in sales and profitability when they work with us.  There is no risk and also no reason to wait to hire us.  The time is now to experience the new age Florida Business Consultants and what it can do for you. Here is our pricing for these services:

Less than $1 Million in annual revenue = $5,000 plus travel (airfare, hotel and car)*

$1-$3 Million in Revenue = $10,000 plus travel (airfare, hotel and car)*

$3-$7 Million in Revenue =$15,000 plus travel (airfare, hotel and car)*

More than $7 Million revenue = A custom price plan built to suit

We also offer onsite and Mobile Consulting for your convenience and safety during Covid.  The pricing for that is as follows:

Less than $1 Million in Annual revenue = $3,500

$1-$3 Million in Annual Revenue = $5,000

$3-$7 Million in Annual Revenue =$7,500

More than $7 Million revenue = A custom price plan built to suit


Contact us now or call us directly at 727-580-5876 for more information or a free quote! You may also view our client testimonials here.