As business consultant  we have found that most businesses do not know what kind of marketing and advertising they need to be doing.   And even if they do, they do not know how to begin or to make it happen!  We believe that there is so much marketing and advertising that can be done to help your businesses grow, and furthermore, most of it costs nothing or is very inexpensive!

As with any marketing and advertising plan, you need to begin with the basics and that is defining what you want to accomplish and the results that you want to achieve and tailoring a plan to make it all happen.   We feel that this is so important that we give you a custom marketing and advertising plan, tailor built for your store and your needs, included in each and every one of our service packages.  That’s right, you get a marketing and advertising plan built just for you free of charge and included in every single service that we provide.   We are also able to provide this service on it own if you so desire.  We believe so strongly in that fact that our marketing is the best in the business that we guarantee the results.  Our average clients see increases in revenue of over 30% and we believe that this is due in large part to the suggested marketing and advertising plans that we put in place for them.   Here is just a sample of what is covered in our custom marketing plan.

 Here is Just Some of What We Cover

Internal Marketing & Advertising Plan (within your store and including with your staff) to maximize the purchases and level of business done with customers who already come into the store.

External Marketing Plan to help drive traffic into the store that doesn’t normally come in or are not normal existing customers.  This is the key to driving new business!

Cross Marketing to customers- We will teach you how to effectively market all aspects of your business and get your current customers to do more business with you.

Marketing to Prior Customers is Essential.  How do you get them to come back in to the store is the $10 Million question.  We can help!

Customer Loyalty Program is also key because you want to maximize and reward the extras use of your services by your customers.

Employee Commission Program.  We will help you identify what we think is the best employee incentive program in the business and we are certain it will work to grow your business.

Social Media Presence and sales plan is essential because much or your inventory can be sold just by showing it on social media.  We can show you how to do it better than anyone else.

Online Sales– we will review what you are doing for online sales and help you create a more effective online sales process and plan.

Text  Marketing are essential in this day and age and now are supported by most, if not all business software.  We will teach you how to market your business using this program like never before.

Email Marketing is also essential and even though it has been in use for many years, is not done properly in most cases.  We will help you create or get the best results from your email marketing plan.

Website SEO review and suggestions- We will do a thorough review of website and how it is ranking including the exact tools that Google uses to rank your site and offer tons of suggestions and tools that will help more and more people find you and use your services.

Missed Opportunities– During our time with you to develop this marketing plan, we will also help you define your missed opportunities in your current process and operations and help you plan to capture more of those missed revenue chances.

We will do all of these things and more for you as we help you create the best marketing & advertising plan possible.   We are so certain that this service can help you grow your  business that we guarantee its success. For pricing please contact us directly or call us with any questions at 952-582-4669.