We believe that our one of a kind Business Health Check™ is the single most important consulting tool ever created to help your business succeed.  That sounds like a huge statement but when you realize how many ways that this business tool can be used, I am sure you will agree!

5 Ways That Business Health Check Can Help Your Business

Finding costs savings– One of the things that our clients see and love the most when we perform our BHC is that we always find cost savings in their business.  These cost savings happen in many ways, large and small.  You can expect to see areas that we are able to cut out over spending, overlapping costs related to the business that can be done away with, or lack of productivity if your business with your staff and your organization structure.  That alone can be tens of thousands of dollars per month or year.  How much money is your business leaving on the table each year?

Finding New Revenue Generators- This one is one of our favorites.  We are 100% certain that we can find new revenue generators in your business.  Sometimes this comes in the form of finding a new product or service for your business, but it can also come in the form of finding a new avenue for those products or services.  We have even used this in our own business, and this is how our Mobile Business Consulting was created.  We can help more clients in less time and save our clients money on our consulting services at the same time!  What new revenue generators could we find in your business?

One of the most unique things that the BHC can be used as is a Due Diligence Tool.  In fact, this is one of the ways that this tool was created in its original form.  It used to be used to find the worthiness of businesses that were in the mix to be sold or purchased in merger and acquisition settings.  If you are planning to buy or sell a business, wouldn’t you want to know how healthy it is?  With our Business Health Check™, you can rest assured that you will know the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for every business that you want to buy or sell.  We encourage you to use our BHC as a tool before buying and selling a business.  It could be the best money you ever spend.

Our BHC has also gained notoriety for Finding weaknesses or Future Challenges before they arise.  That is because it was partly created in tribute to the research that our founder did on why businesses fail.  He discovered that nearly 75% of businesses that fail, do so in a growth cycle.  That is because there are very clear markers that you can see if you know what you are looking for.  We can help you avoid the pitfalls and the additional costs that will certainly be incurred from not growing correctly or the right way.  If you fail to do certain things in your business and then you grow, you will have to go back and correct those things which always costs more money after the fact.  Does your business have growing pains?

Ensuring Future Growth and Prosperity is yet another “side effect” that you can expect to receive when doing having a BHC done.  For all the reasons that are mentioned above and more, your business will be far better off after having done a checkup.  Your business will be more long term sustainable, more profitable, you will enjoy more work life balance, and your staff will be more productive and happier than before.  Do you want to ensure the future growth and prosperity of your business?

What Does This Cost

To provide the most cost effective and easiest way to market this amazing business tool, we decided to come up with a simple and set in stone pricing structure.  That structure is:

Our Onsite Health Check

**Our Packages Give The Best ROI in the Industry!**

Less than $1 Million in annual revenue = $3,000 plus travel (airfare, hotel and car)*

$1-$3 Million in Revenue = $5,000 plus travel (airfare, hotel and car)*

$3-$7 Million in Revenue =$7,500 plus travel (airfare, hotel and car)*

More than $7 Million revenue = A custom price plan built to suit


If you want to know more about the amazing Business Health Check™ please contact us or call us directly at 952-582-4669.