Samantha’s behind the scenes expertise offers invaluable administrative and HR Consulting and operational support to the team at Devoted Enterprises, Devoted Foundations SBC and the Small Business Advisory Board. She has done HR Consulting, payroll and operational support for large franchise clients in the corporate world and now brings that experience to our clients.  Samantha has a wide variety of education, starting with time at the University of Minnesota pursuing business management, and she is also a graduate of Regency Beauty Institute, where she obtained an education in the cosmetology field that she uses to help our Salon and Spa clients. She owns her own salon and spends her time between that and assisting our current and past clients.  Samantha also has volunteered her time with various non-profits and is currently a board member of a local educational non-profit. Samantha likes to be sounding board for the consultants at Devoted Enterprises and support for the organization.