Raeann is a natural leader In the salon world!  Not only is she a salon owner herself but the energy and the value she brings is beyond measure! Her  expertise offers invaluable support and project management oversight to spas and salons, and prior to working with our team, she had a desire to help other salon and spa owners succeed on a larger level.  She works with the team at Devoted Enterprises and the other organizations underneath it such as Devoted Beauty Consulting and she is a great resource when it comes to ensuring client satisfaction. She began her career in the salon  industry over a decade ago and has only grown successfully everything she has touched including being one of the only salons in the area that uses Covet and Mane hand tied extensions.  Raeann has worked in many different aspects of cosmetology, whether it be behind the chair with clients, training staff brand new to the industry, or creating Continuing Education courses for seasoned stylists. She also has further experience in Operations and Merchandising for major salon companies.  whether your salons work with the general public, celebrities, or anything in between, she is a resource that you do not want to miss!