Do you want to increase your employee retention, staff productivity, and company morale all while improving your work/life balance?  If so, this webinar is for you!

Turnover is a major problem for any business owner, but in this economy, it has been even worse because of the low unemployment rate.  Studies have shown the turnover costs the average business $15,000 per person.  That number adds up quickly and leads to bad morale and attitudes in the workplace with those left behind.  Today in the America, the average employee in operates at 50%- 65% of their total potential.  That means you are paying them for 100% of the job and not getting what you paid for.  This leads to turnover, one of the most costly and detrimental problems business owners face. In this webinar we will teach you simple and free ways to lower turnover, increase morale, develop your staff from within (no more recruiter costs!) and improve your work/life balance as an owner and leader in the process.  Register today and start changing your business for the good!

Live Webinar on January 21st 2020

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