“Because every business and person deserves a chance to succeed regardless of their personal or financial situation”

Vernon Stading, Founder & Chairman

There has been a ton uncertainty this year in 2020 and as if the Covid-19 shut down wasn’t enough to hurt or make business difficult, enter riots, looting and in extreme cases burning down your entire business. We have never seen anything like before and it is affecting even our current clients in such negative ways.  Because of this, we want to offer our consulting services, with the help of Devoted Foundations, to help those who have been looted, damaged or destroyed for whatever price you can afford.  Even if that means we do it for free.  We are committed to helping you get your business back open, helping you decide the next steps, or whatever professional advice you need.  If your business has been damaged or destroyed by the rioters and violence and you want to take advantage of this offer, here is how to proceed:

  • Contact us at info@devotedenterprises.com . Be sure to give us:
    • Your name and phone number
    • Your business name and details about what damage you sustained
    • What city you are in
    • What your plans are (ex. Do you want to rebuild and re-open or move, etc.)
    • What types of consulting do you need (ex. Marketing, advertising, consulting, professional advice, etc.)

We will be taking all the requests and will help anyone who needs it.  We will take the requests by order of priority and work with them at the same time as our paying clients.  Worst gets priority and so on.  We have the ability to help many folks at one time via remote meetings and other sources but given the large response that we expect, we are also taking requests from other professionals who may want to donate they time and services.  Other consultants, lawyers, marketing folks and more are welcome to offer their services.  To get involved please do the following:

  • Send us the following information to info@devotedenterprises.com
    • Your name and number
    • Name and profession of your business
    • How you are able to help
    • Your capacity (how many hours, services, time can you donate)

Lastly, there will be services needed that cannot be provided for free so we are also asking people to donate what they can to help this cause and those businesses.  You may donate funds here.  To keep the amount of calls that we receive down, we ask that you contact us here with any questions.