2020 has been a year like no other and only those who have adapted and changed have survived and thrived.  As the year draws to a close and we continue to fight for the business owners and what they need to thrive, we have created a program that is perfect for those who need to gain an edge, those who have lost ground, and those who want to excel to the next level in 2021.  You will love what is included in this package, the results you will receive, The fact that all of it can be done remotely, and especially the price!

What is Included for 2021

Because we love the owners in our network so much and desire to offer the best services at the best price in the industry, we came up with a modified version of our world Famous Business Health Check™ designed for immediate return on investment and to provide the most bang for your buck!

Custom Marketing & Advertising Plan including Social Media– This is guaranteed to bring in new customers with spending little or no money to do so.

Free tax savings analysis– 100% of our clients pay more taxes than they need to and we can not only prove it but show you how to stop it?!

Cost Savings analysis– Every business has areas where we can help them save money and we are certain we can do they same for your business. This is usually way more than enough to pay for our services.

Online Sales- Whether you already sell online or have not begun, we have you covered.  We will show you how to turn your pawnshop into a selling machine inside the store and all over the world.  Even if you hate eBay!

Sales Team– If you have a sales team, we will review your process and show you how to close more of the leads and deals you are working on for a massive 100% return on investment!

Free website and SEO review– We will show you how easy (or hard) it is for customers to find you and show you to improve that greatly.

Custom Commission and Bonus Plan for your team– This commission is like nothing else ever seen in the industry before.

Custom People Development Plan for Growth– We can show you how to develop and further train your team to be more productive and even better leaders. This lowers turnover and helps with productivity of your team!

Custom Written Action Plan to Grow Your Business– You will leave us with a detailed action plan on how to succeed long after we are gone. Many of our clients are still implementing positive changes years after they have worked with us!

Custom Key Metric creation and Tracking – We will help you create the key metrics needed and show you how to read and track them for maximum success. This is essential to understand the past present and future of your business.

One Month of free Ongoing Remote Consultation Support – You can use this support any way that you feel necessary to help you succeed.

Cost for Services (if you lock in before 1/1/2021)

*All our Services come with a satisfaction guarantee

< $1 Million in annual revenue = $5,000 All Inclusive onsite*-$3,500 for Mobile**

$1-$3 Million in Revenue = $7,500 All Inclusive*- $5,000 for Mobile**

$3-$7 Million in Revenue =$10,000 All Inclusive*-$7,500 for Mobile

More than $7 Million revenue = A custom price plan built to suit

*Travel costs included up to $1,500 total for airfare, hotel and car

**Mobile Consulting™ is done at a discounted rate and is done remotely not onsite